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During the summer, on the first night of each session, Camp sets its clocks to Eastern Standard Time.

For example: 12:00 NOON in Philadelphia (which is Eastern Daylight Time – EDT, or Real World Time), it is only 11:00 AM at Camp.

“Camp Time” allows older campers an opportunity for programming on Saturday nights after Shabbat and also helps ensure that it is dark outside for bedtime. In addition, the sun has an extra hour each morning to dry dew off of the playing fields. We also believe, as has been the case for generations, that "camp time" is the unique time that happens during the summer camp experience at Camp Ramah in the Poconos.


The camp office is open:

Sunday -Thursday: from 9:00 AM—7:00 PM EDT (Real World Time), 8:00 AM—6:00 PM EST (Camp Time)

Friday: from 9:00 AM—6:00 PM EDT (Real World Time), 8:00 AM—5:00 PM EST (Camp Time)

We contract with an outside answering service to take incoming calls when the office is closed including for lunch, after hours, and during Shabbat. The answering service receives calls and transmits the messages the next morning. If the answering service determines that there is an emergency, they contact the Director immediately.


In addition to the letters that families receive from their child(ren), our online photo gallery, weekly videos, new Campanion app, and email updates help parents stay connected with all the fun happening at camp. Please remember that each of these provides a snapshot – a moment in time. We encourage families not to draw conclusions from a singular photo or lack thereof. The weekly news update will summarize the week and touch on intangible aspects of the Ramah Experience - the magical parts of Camp that photos and videos cannot capture.

Stay tuned for a detailed email before the summer about how frequently you should expect camp email and photo gallery communications.


If a family emergency occurs while your child is at camp, please inform the Camp office by calling 570.798.2504. Please communicate that you are calling regarding an emergency so your call can be directed properly.

Decisions regarding how to handle the specific situation will be made in partnership with camp administration and the parent(s) or guardians. Once Camp is notified, arrangements can be considered for parents and children to talk. This approach prepares Camp to support your children through the difficult situation.


It is important that parents notify the Camp office of any change in their permanent or summer address, telephone number, or email addresses by updating your profile on CampInTouch. You may also contact the Registrar, Debbie Lacks, at or 215.885.8556 to update your contact information.


If you will be away from home when your child is at Camp, or if your summer address is different from your address during the rest of the year, please email this information to our Office Manager, Deb Srulevich at so we that we know how to reach you should the need arise.


At Camp Ramah in the Poconos, we recognize the importance of celebrating birthdays during the summer and are excited to be a part of this milestone for your child. It is our intention to make this day special for your child by ensuring the following:

  • A prearranged birthday call to you from your child (the yoetzet will reach out to coordinate).
  • A birthday cake, provided by camp, for your child to celebrate their birthday with their bunk.
  • A birthday shirt, provided by camp, so that everyone knows it is their birthday and can be sure to wish them a happy birthday.
  • A birthday table setup in the chadar for their birthday complete with decorations and balloons for your child to celebrate their special day with their bunk. Madrichim, counselors, always ensure that the day is special for your child.
  • Singing Happy Birthday (in Hebrew!) to your child in the chadar ohel (dining hall) – a camp tradition!

As a part of our updated package policy, and with the above intentional additions to ensure a celebratory day for your child, campers are no longer permitted to receive “birthday packages.”

Please plan to share any gifts with your child before or after their time at camp.

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