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The Staff Experience

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A summer at Ramah Poconos provides the opportunity to grow, support, teach, and mentor future Jewish leaders while creating lasting friendships. Our immersive Jewish educational environment encourages staff to move beyond their comfort zones to experience new confidence and unexpected personal achievement.

What will you gain from a job at Ramah?

  • Valuable skills that employers look for in all industries, including: teamwork, leadership, responsibility, supervisory skills, communication skills, and positive work ethic
  • Resume building & preparation for graduate school and the job market
  • The joy of belonging to a close-knit Jewish community of young adults like yourself
  • Friendships that last well past the summer, and into your adult life
  • The chance to change a child’s life!
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Staff Care & Programming

We believe strongly that "taking care of other people's children" can only happen if we first take care of ourselves. This is why each and every summer, we work on improving our staff experience. Over the years, we have add specialty staff programs at night, expanded opportunities for professional development, added a 'staff support' position, and expanded the amenities of our staff lounge.

Staff Time off & Support

Working at camp is one of the most incredibly rewarding jobs one can have, and it is also a challenging one. We work hard to ensure that in addition to a day off every week, each day has dedicated time for staff to relax during the day and also at night. Additionally, our full-summer staff have the opportunity for an overnight day off during the summer. Throughout the summer, our team works to find more spaces for time-off as in order for you to bring your best selves to the job and create the most impactful summer experience!

Dates & Sessions

Summer 2024

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Staff Week

June 18 - June 25

Full Summer

June 25 - August 12

First Session

June 25 - July 21

Second Session

July 23 - August 12

Taste of Ramah

July 26 - August 4

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We are still hiring, and would love to talk about the staff experience at Ramah Poconos. Email Tobi Afran at or apply today and be a part of our 2023 Tzevet (staff)!

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