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The 2022 Chai Society

The Chai Society is an important group of philanthropic leaders who are instrumental in supporting Camp’s vision & mission. With a minimum donation of $1800, you can join the Chai Society and receive:

Special access to yearly programming

Exclusive invites to pre-holiday webinars

Early registration to our annual Sukkot retreat and other special events

Listing in the Camp Ramah in the Poconos Annual Report

The 2022 Chai Society

$18,000+ (G'milut Hasadim)

Heather Bogdanoff Baker and Felix Baker
Vivian and Andrew* Barnett
Debbie Albert** and Glen Feinberg
Drs. Arthur* and Ella Feldman and the Sitchin Foundation
Terri Hartman* and Bruce Goldberg
David and Pearl Graub Goldstein and Family
Donna Goldblum Haas and David I. Haas
Harold Grinspoon Foundation
Mary and Nathan Relles
Elanah and Stewart* Uretsky
Judith & David Wachs Family Foundation, Inc.

$7,200+ (Avodah)

Dr. Nancy Rothbard* and Dr. Brian Bushee
Rabbi Gary and Laya Charlestein
Donna and Rick Forman
Ilona Friedman
Marlene and Jonathon Graub
Emily and Michael Landsburg
Hila Reichman and Josh Podietz*
Ali and Lee Sussman and Family
Lauren and Matt Tanzer
Diane and Michael** Wachs and Family
Juliet I. Spitzer and Philip Wachs
Rabbi Rachel M. Kobrin and Dr. Jeffrey Ward

$3,600+ (Torah)

Dr. Rachel and Avi Abel
Dr. Beth Etra and Jonathan Adler*
Rachel Gross* and H.P. Baker
Julia Sivitz and Matthew Bieber
Amy Brewstein
Sara Bucholtz
Julius & Ray Charlestein Scholarship Fund
Drs. Sherri* and Daniel Cohen
Debra and Harris Devor
Bruce Engleman and Dr. Jo Ann Chalal Engleman
Julie and Daniel Fein
Abbey and David Gancz
Michal Wachs*** ** and Daniel Gold***
Laura Sklar and Daniel Goldstein
Judith, Roger, Jonathan, and Joshua Hess
Sharon and Jonathan Levin
Drs. Michael and Julie Lippmann
Amy and Ben Relles
Jamie and Jesse Richman
Marcella Kanfer Rolnick and Josh Rolnick
Jill* and Brian Rosen
Susan Sherr-Seitz and Brett Seitz


Dr. Jack Aaron and Rabbi Stephanie Aaron
Drs. Ursina Teitelbaum and Benjamin Abella
Rachael and Joshua Abrams
Nona Abrams
Flossie Albert
Dr. Arnold and Susan Baskies
Dr. Michael and Risa Baskies
Dr. Norma Blecker and David Blecker
Drs. Carole and Bruce Bogdanoff
Dr. Harvey and Joan Bucholtz
Judy and Jerry Caplan
Harriet and Mark Chertok
Dr. Jesse and Mindy Civan
Hannah S. and Samuel A. Cohn Memorial Foundation
Dr. Mark and Dana* Fallick
Karly Forman*
Dr. Sidney and Ellen Friedman
Dr. Leonard and Judy Galler
The Garten Family
Ilene and Jonathan Gershen
Judy and David Gilberg
Peggy and Louis Gold
Micaela and Rick* Gold
Dr. Amy J. Goldberg
Sandra and Michael Goldberg
Drs. Heidi and Jeffrey Gordon
Rabbi Josh and Elissa* Gruenberg
Marci and Robert Hackel
Staci and Richard Julie
Bonnie and Lou Kahn
Rabbi Michael and Fran Katz
Dr. Steven and Rhena Kelsen
Rebecca and Ben Kirshner
Leah Rosen and Peter Konwerski
Heather and Mark Kramer
Robin Sue and Bill Landsburg
Rabbi Alan and Edy Lucas
Ivy and David Mermelstein
Roe and Don Miller
Rachel Zivic and Rabbi Micah Peltz
Debbie* and Richard Perlman
Monica and Marty Pollak
Missy and Josh Present
Dr. Reuben and Diane Romirowsky
Susan and Eric Schwartzman
Miryam and Adam Seid
Rabbi Joel and Eliana Seltzer
Stacy and Matthew Seltzer
Susie and Ken Shear
The Skier Foundation
Susan and Richard Stone
Jenifer and Martin Wachs
Rachel Wachs
Joan Wohl
Rabbi Eric and Dava Yanoff
Robin and Greg Zappin
Violet Zeitlin

*Member, Board of Directors
**Current or Immediate Past President, Board of Directors
*** Chairs, 2022 Annual Chai Campaign

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“My first Ramah experience was at Family Camp in 1994, and I never looked back.

Nine years later, the friendships I made at camp are still ever-present in my life and I can see that Ramah had an enormous impact on making me the person I am today. And the only reason I was able to attend camp was through scholarships.

I support Ramah today because I know it provides a unique space where kids can truly be themselves while making lifelong friendships. By joining me in Ramah’s Chai Society, you are providing our community an important gift – the help many families need to get their kids to camp!”

– Marty Pollak, Gesher '01

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