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Why Give


Because of Ramah, I know that I want to raise my children in a Jewish household and send them to camp someday.


Year after year, we see Ramah campers and staff deeply influenced and empowered by their camp experiences. It’s at Ramah that young people are inspired to become our rabbis, cantors and teachers – right here at home and worldwide. Again and again, young people meet their spouses at Ramah and go on to become active Jewish community leaders and participants. Ramah alumni, even those who have moved away from the area, continue to send their children and their children’s children home again to Ramah.

“Ramah has given our family its Jewish compass.”


We Need Your Help To Inspire Year-Round, Life-Long Connections To Judaism

Camp Ramah, based on 70+ years of success and a vivacious vision for the future, provides ongoing growth, strength and hope to our Jewish community. With your help, we can realize this vision. We can transform our campus, inspire a broader constituency, invest in year-round programming, and support a robust endowment. We can leverage several decades of expertise to achieve even greater impact at Camp Ramah in the Poconos and Ramah Day Camp.

In a world where we wonder whether our children and grandchildren will choose to be consciously and positively Jewish… supporting Camp Ramah is a wise investment.