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To bring families closer to their camper’s experience, we are proud to offer a new app for summer 2024 - Campanion. Campanion assists with all of your pre-camp preparations and shares updates and photos of your camper directly to your phone.

To get started, follow these simple steps:

  • Download the Campanion app
  • Use your CampInTouch Account email address and password to log in
  • Complete forms online and upload completed paperwork right in the app
  • Upload a training photo of your child, which enables the app to send you photos of your camper over the summer
  • Ensure you have push notification enabled within your phone settings so you can receive important updates from camp all year long!

Let us know if you have any questions, and we look forward to sharing the experience of camp in a new, modern way this summer!


Don’t miss any photos of your camper

We’ll be sharing photos throughout the summer and Campanion’s facial recognition technology automatically searches for campers and tags them for you to view in the app. This saves you time sifting through hundreds of photos.

Once you’ve logged in, you’ll see an option to upload a training photo of your child. This enables the technology to identify your campers and receive notifications whenever they appear in camp photos.

If you used Campanion last summer, you need to upload a new training photo to make sure the app is searching for the most accurate images of your camper.

Using facial recognition, the Campanion app sifts through thousands of photos from camp to deliver photos tagged specifically with your child.

The Campanion app is a mobile app that was built specifically to help communicate the experience of camp. The Campanion app puts all camp photos, updates, and memories in one place making it easy to see glimpses of your camper's experience while allowing Ramah Poconos to share highlights of the summer.

Photos are stored within albums, making it easy to find and view images such as favorites or from different activities at camp. Parents can tap, swipe, and browse camp albums directly from their phone. This places your camp experience – and your child – at your fingertips.

Sharing photos has never been easier. Parents can share, download and favorite photos directly from their mobile device. 

With Face Finder, tagged photos of your child are automatically organized into separate albums making it easy to view the moments that matter most. Get the joy of finding new photos automatically tagged for you.

Text Messaging (summer 2024)

We're excited to announce a new service for summer 2024. By opting in to text messaging, you will receive important updates regarding the camp program and operations. Texting will be used selectively and minimally (i.e. to let you know that busses have arrived, there is a power outage at camp, due dates on forms, etc.) Please consider opting in to this program to stay up to date. Please note that this service is only available for domestic numbers and that message and data rates may apply.

Step 1 Log in to Campanion or your CampInTouch account. 

Step 2 Head over to the Forms and Documents. In Campanion this is accessed via the three lines at the top left. In CampInTouch this is in the menu on the account page.

Step 3 Scroll to the bottom of the list to see the forms and documents for your family. There is only one Text Messages Opt-In Form per family.

Step 4 Click on the Text Messages Opt-In Form and complete it. 

Campanion Letters

We added the ability for families to see letter replies from their campers in Campanion Mobile. Composing letters within the Campanion app allows parents to send their campers the gift of a printed, hand-delivered letter while their camper is away. Letters can be composed and sent conveniently right from your device or in your Camp in Touch account under Online Community, Email. This provides a two-way solution for parent-to-camper communication. Letter responses will be viewable under the ‘reply’ tab, and an orange indicator lets you know when you have a new message from your camper. Parents who have opted to receive push notifications will get a notification when they have a letter reply from their camper in Campanion mobile. When a parent clicks the notification they will be taken to view the letter reply. There is no charge to send or receive Campanions Letters for 2024.

How do I send and receive letters with my camper in Campanion?

To send and read letters in the Campanion app, click the three horizontal lines in the top left of your Campanion app to get to the Menu page. Choose ‘Letters’.

Send a letter: Click the pencil icon in the top right of the Letters page. Select the Camper from the dropdown, and add a message. When ready, choose if you would like a handwritten reply (using eLetter Stationary) click the box at the bottom. Click 'Send Your Letter'.

Read a Reply: Camper letters are under the 'Replies' tab. You can save and share letters on the bottom of the screen, same as with photos. The Campanion app permanently archives sent letters so that you can re-read – and relive – each moment of camp any time. You can also easily view when letters have been received to make sure that your camper doesn’t miss your message.


  • Parents can check the option to include a "handwritten ereply letter" as often as you choose. Any ereply that your child writes will ONLY be scanned twice a week, on Tuesday and Friday.
  • This is a new initiative with this vendor - please allow time for implementation. In addition, power outages or wifi issues are out of our control and may cause delays. We will do our best to scan ereplies as soon as possible whenever there is an issue.
  • Staff will NOT enforce children to respond via an ereply. Please discuss with your child, prior to camp, your expectations for them.
  • Please remember that mail is not distributed on Shabbat. Bunk replies that you attached on Friday will not be given to your camper until Sunday. Delivery of ereplies may also be delayed due to camper schedule or trips.
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