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At camp, campers and staff are expected to dress in ways which demonstrate respect for the community. Clothing should be comfortable and should allow campers to safely and appropriately participate in the daily programmatic experience. Please take into consideration that the temperature at camp varies over the course of the day – it can be cool in the mornings and evenings and warm during the day.

  • Closed toes shoes must be worn for active camp programs and activities, aside from time at the pool/lake, to help ensure safety.
  • Shirts should be worn at all times outside of the bunk when in public, unless campers are at the pool/lake. All shirts must contain straps.

The following swimwear is appropriate for camp:

  • One-piece or tankini style swim wear that completely covers the midriff
  • Board shorts or boxer style swim trunks
  • Rash-guard/swim shirts

Clothing with references to alcohol, drugs, tobacco, sexual content, and inappropriate language is not permitted. NEW FOR 2024: The only flags that can be displayed outside of bunks include American, Israeli, or Ramah flags.

Simple, modest, nicer-than-everyday clothing is appropriate dress for Shabbat. We recommend nice pants, shorts, a skirt, a shirt or a dress. Jeans and clothing with words are not allowed for Shabbat. Shabbat clothing is worn on both Friday evening for Kabbalat Shabbat and on Shabbat morning.

There are limited electrical outlets in each bunk. Please limit the number of fans, lamps, and clocks. Hairdryers and other appliances are allowed but must be unplugged after use.

PLEASE LABEL EVERYTHING – each item of clothing should be labeled with the name of the camper. We recommend using Label Daddy – use code RAMAH for 25% off!

While we implement systems to protect your child’s possessions, Camp Ramah in the Poconos assumes no responsibility for wear and tear or loss of camper clothing, or other personal equipment. Should you desire insurance coverage for your child’s clothing, luggage and other personal belongings, we suggest that you arrange with your insurance agent for a floater policy to cover possible loss or damage. To sign up and register your camper for tuition reimbursement insurance through AmSkier, please click here or email Please note that this is option and NOT required.


When packing your child’s luggage for camp please place the following items at the top: one set of sheets (1 top, 1 fitted), pillowcase, pillow, blankets, pajamas, towel, soap, toothbrush and toothpaste. We hope to make your child’s bed before their arrival. Please do not lock their luggage!


All males are required, and females are encouraged, to wear a kippah at mealtimes and during t’fillot (prayers). PLEASE MAKE SURE ALL KIPPOT ARE LABELED. We encourage campers to carry a kippah with them in their bag throughout the day. We suggest a minimum of at least 10 kippot as they are easily misplaced.


All males of Bar Mitzvah age are required to wear a Tallit and Tefillin; females of Bat Mitzvah age are encouraged to wear Tallit and Tefillin. If your son is of Bar Mitzvah age but does not have Tefillin, please acquire a set prior to camp. PLEASE MAKE SURE ALL TALLIT, TALLIT BAGS AND TEFILLIN BAGS ARE LABELED. A clear plastic zippered pouch labeled with the camper’s name is helpful to keep these items protected and together.

Please note: Tefillin that are left behind at camp cannot easily be returned to a camper family unless they are well labeled, and that camper family informs camp immediately after camp concludes.


Each child is provided with a cubby of shelves and a small amount of closet space for clothing. There is no room for extra drawer units. Clothing must fit into the space provided. Problems quickly arise when campers bring more clothing than they can manage. It becomes difficult to keep clothes off the floor, for children to find and keep track of their belongings, and to keep their space clean. Please help your child pack their bags with sufficient clothing while avoiding unnecessary clothing. ONLY TWO duffle bags are allowed — due to storage limitations, hard trunks are not permitted. Don’t forget to LABEL EVERYTHING!

Please Note: If your camper accidentally leaves items behind at Camp, please contact our office as soon as possible. We do our best to locate and return lost items but we are only able to return items on which we can identify the camper’s full name clearly marked on them. Items that are located that families wish to be returned will be mailed at the parent’s expense.


Laundry is done once a week via a vendor outside of camp. Please keep this in mind when packing for your child. Laundry is typically collected Monday morning and returned Tuesday – we recommend that you pack enough clothing for 9 days. Please send your camper with 2 laundry bags. Our laundry service is not intended to launder dry clean only clothing. Campers should not plan on washing their own clothing. Campers are expected to change their sheets weekly and participate in the laundry process - please help review these skills and expectations with your child prior to the summer. Throughout the summer, we make exhaustive attempts to return lost items to their owners. After the summer, we will return items deemed valuable, if they are labeled with your child’s name to you by mail, at your expense. Please keep in mind that your child should not bring items or valuables that will be upsetting to your child if lost.

On the next page you will find a suggested clothing list. Adjust this list to fit your child’s own needs.

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