Package Policy

Starting summer 2023, CAMP RAMAH WILL ONLY DELIVER LETTERS/BUNKNOTES. Packages, regardless of size, will no longer be accepted.

Any unauthorized packages received at camp will be donated. We do not have the personnel to deliver unnecessary packages. Please share this revised policy with any friends or family members who may consider sending a package to your camper.

If you determine that there is a critical necessity that your child requires during their time at camp, please email your child’s yoetzet for assistance. Information for contacting your child’s yoetzet will be available in June. It is camp's policy that pre-approved packages are opened by camp staff to ensure the health and safety of the camp community. All food items, including candy and gum, will be confiscated.

At Ramah, we strive to teach children that camp itself is a gift and to encourage them to spend their time enjoying and participating in the camp experience with their friends. We aim to cultivate a clean, healthy environment. This policy follows a nationwide trend among summer camps to prevent an inevitable sense of inequity or imbalance among the campers, to minimize our environmental footprint, and to reduce the emphasis on material objects in a community that emphasizes human connection and natural beauty.