Lice Policy

Lice Policy:

Everyone who will be part of our camp community as an employee or camper must be screened for lice upon arrival. If nits or lice are found, they must be treated and all items that came to camp with them that day must be treated to prevent re-infestation. Treatment options will be discussed with staff members who come to camp with lice or nits. Assistance will be provided as needed. Campers will not be treated at camp without permission from a parent or guardian. Treatment will be paid for by parents of campers found to have lice upon arrival to camp. Parents will be offered the option of picking their child up from camp for treatment. Campers who are treated at camp will have any items that they brought to camp that day treated either by heat or bagging item for 10 days. Items that were sent a week or more ahead of arrival do not need to be treated.

It is the parent’s responsibility to:

-check their child’s head carefully for lice and nits during the week prior to sending their child to camp.

-treat their child for any lice or nits found prior to sending their child to camp, including nit removal.

-to notify camp if their child has recently been treated for lice in order to allow for follow up.

-provide documentation from professional lice treatment service of any treatment provided or lice check conducted (with result), not more than a week prior to camp.

It is camp’s responsibility to:

-educate all parents & staff members on camp’s lice policies ahead of camp

-screen all campers and staff at the beginning and end of camp. Additional screenings will be scheduled as needed.

-provide treatment options, nit removal & follow up with as little disruption to the camper or staff member’s schedule and with the utmost care and consideration.

- assist with the treatment of personal items

Campers or staff with lice infestations that cannot be reasonably treated in the camp environment may be asked to leave camp until the lice have been successfully treated.

This decision will be made in consultation with the Medical Director and Camp Directors.