Staff Experience

Organization Management Internship

Anyone who has done the job, will tell you that working at camp is the best hands-on experience you can get for any job in the 'real world.' The responsibilities of a counselor and fast-paced nature of the camp environment teach skills in communication, time-management, problem-solving, emotional intelligence, adaptability... the list goes on and on. While you as a staff member walk away each summer having built on these valuable skills, the learning doesn't end when the buses head out down the dirt road.

As part our Vatik (3rd-year staff) program, we are offering a 12-month internship aimed at enhancing the personal and professional skills that of returning staff members and providing the opportunity to contribute to and learn the behind-the-scenes of a thriving non-profit organization that you are deeply committed to.

The internship consists of 4 phases, each focusing on a specific professional skill that overlaps with the year-round camp work and are translatable to any future career you may pursue.

Stage 1: Introduction to Non-Profit Organizations

You know what Camp Ramah in the Poconos looks like during the summer, it's time to see what we do during the 'off-season.' Just like any other non-profit organization or business, we manage complex hiring/human resource, fundraising, programmatic, communication, and community outreach projects that support the 'product' we offer each summer. In this stage, we will talk about what factors help to create a successful business, and how the same principles might apply to anywhere you work in the future.

Each intern will be assigned a substantive project to work on with a member of the year-round team over the course of the year, that is connected to the year-round work of Ramah, NOT our summer program.

Stage 2: Recruitment and Event Planning

A skill that will help you be successful in any future job is comfort and confidence in making 'the pitch.' Whether it is an ask for a donation, inviting people to an event, or recruiting a friend to come to camp, sharing your ideas and convincing others to get on board takes practice.

With the support of our team, you will be asked to plan a small 'friend-raiser' at your school, geared towards Ramah alumni and friends. The experience of finding a space, communicating the details, providing entertainment, and getting people to show up are great practice to get started on.

Stage 3: Personalized Professional Development

We are thrilled to have an expansive Ramah alumni network to tap into and provide you with resources as you move towards entering the professional world. Based on your career aspirations and resumes, we will connect you with a professional in your field as a first step in your networking journey. This will provide opportunity for mentor support and connection for your future job search.

In additional to these conversations, an expert agency in MBA admission consulting will be providing 3 sessions on resume building and professional development to prepare you for the next steps in your journey.

Stage 4: Leadership and Management

It's time for camp! This internship is a commitment to return to camp in 2024, and includes taking on a leadership role different than other returning vatikim. This role could be related or unrelated to your main job at camp, and is intended to work on developing project and people managerial skills. Examples of this might be taking on a specific camp-wide programmatic event to manage, or on-going leadership as a s'gan rosh in your edah.

We will provide hadracha sessions during the summer that are tailored towards your roles at camp, and with a lens on leadership and applying the skills from this coming summer to your resume's and professional life.


APPLICATION DEADLINE: October 10th, 2024

Apply at:


Application and participation in this internship is contingent on working at Camp Ramah in the Poconos in a programmatic role for the entirety of the upcoming summer season. This could include positions as a counselor, rosh edah, educator, or specialists.

Interns must attend:

  • 4 cohort meetings throughout the off-season
  • 2-3 meetings during each phrase with their advisor
  • Hadracha (staff training) at camp

All internship participants will receive a bonus fo $250 in the their paycheck at the end of the summer camp season.