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New Staff Applicants

Thank you for your interest in spending the summer at Camp Ramah in the Poconos, and creating meaningful and fun Jewish experiences for campers and staff members. Below you will find the guide to applying as a new staff member.

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Step 1

The Application

Junior Counselor applications are due by November 1st.

Rest of staff applications are due by December 1st

Step 2

The Interview

All staff must go through an interview process, and are scheduled on a rolling basis. Junior counselor interviews must be completed by December 15th, and rest of staff interviews must be done by January 15th.

Step 3

Hiring & Contracts

Once you are officially offered a position for the summer, all staff receive a PDF contract to be signed and returned within 2 weeks of the hiring date.

Step 4


All forms (payroll, medical, and clearances) are due within 4 weeks of hiring date. Required forms must be completed before arrival at camp.

Step 5

Training & Preparation

Depending on the role, there are some mandatory trainings in the spring prior to the start of Staff Week, as well as recommended projects you can take on in order to best prepare for your responsibilities in the summer.

Step 6

Arrive at Camp!

As we get closer to the summer, we will send information on arrival, transportation, luggage, and additional forms that may be needed.

Important details on the application process for new staff:

Application Guidelines: the application should be filled out as soon as possible by anyone with any interest in coming to camp this summer. There are limited spots available. Even if you are not positive about your summer plans yet, we encourage you to apply and let us know that you are still thinking about your interest.

Please note the following:

  • Position types: you may choose up to 3 positions to apply for, but only one is required. If you are interested in being a counselor, select “Junior Counselor.” If you would like to know more about being a specialist, you can choose sport, arts/omanut, waterfront, teva, or any other activity areas.

  • Available dates: please make sure to select the date range you are available, as well as the session that you are applying to work. Our session dates can be found at the bottom of this page. For one week or other short-term job options, please contact Noah Averick at directly.

  • References: you will need to submit 3 references within the application. These are people who can attest to your abilities to work with children, your leadership skills, or other qualities that will allow you to excel at this job. They may not be related to you, or your friends. They can be teachers, counselors, coaches, or supervisors from an old job.

Junior Counselor applications are due by November 1st.

Interview Logistics: We will set up times to interview you. If you are within a driving distance of the Philadelphia area, this will most likely be an in-person interview. For those that are a plane ride away, we will be conducting our interviews virtually. If you are unsure about whether your interview will be in person, we will work with your to figure out the best plan we reach out to set up the time. Junior Counselor interviews must be completed by December 15th.

Hiring & Contract: After reviewing your application, and evaluating your interview, we will reach out to officially offer you a job at Camp Ramah in the Poconos. You will receive a PDF contract to review and sign, officially accepting the role and committing to employment dates and salary. Your contract must be signed and submitted within 2 weeks of your interview. If your contract is not signed within 2 weeks of your interview, we will assume you are no longer interested in coming to camp.

Forms: Once your contract is submitted, you will have another 4 weeks to submit all payroll, medical, and clearance forms, pending any appointment scheduling issues that arise. In order for you to show up for camp and move in, all forms MUST be completed and submitted through your CampInTouch account.


Staff Week

June 18 - June 25

Full Summer

June 25 - August 12

First Session

June 25 - July 21

Second Session

July 22 - August 12

Taste of Ramah

July 26 - August 4

Interested in more information? Email Noah Averick, our Staff Recruitment Coordinator at

Frequently Asked Questions

When do I find out what edah I have?

At Ramah Poconos, we hire for the job, not a specific edah. You will receive a contract for the position of “Junior Counselor” or “Specialist.” While we will take requests, all staff are asked to commit to working at camp with the knowledge that they might be placed with any age group. Edot, bunks, and co-counselors will be assigned in the weeks leading up to the start of camp.

Where can I find my contract and forms?

Forms and contracts are in your CampInTouch account.

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