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Medications, Vitamins, and Supplements at Camp

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All campers (except Taste of Ramah & international) are required to have ALL ORAL medication, supplements or vitamins (prescription & over the counter) obtained through CampMeds (see exclusions, below). All items in PILL form (chewed, swallowed, daily or as needed) will be pre-packaged by CampMeds. Other oral items will be shipped with the packaged pills in advance of opening day, enabling the Marp to check in and set up all items before campers arrive.

What is CampMeds needed for?

ALL ORAL medications, vitamins and supplements (anything taken by mouth) - both over the counter and prescription, daily and *as needed - must come from the CampMeds Pharmacy. This includes:

  • Pills that are swallowed
  • Chewable tablets
  • Dissolvable tablets (ODT, orally dissolvable tablets, fast melt)
  • Liquids
  • Powders

Medication Exclusions: Isotretinoin (Accutane), Oral Contraceptives & Lactaid, Benadryl for Allergic Reactions

Camper Exclusions: International & Taste Campers

*This is a change from the past two summers. As needed items for allergies, sleep, anxiety, GI health, migraine relief that can be packaged must be packaged. If you think your child may need this item more than twice a week, it must be obtained from CampMeds.

If your child needs Advil or Tylenol for a headache occasionally or a TUMS every once in a while- we have that and will give these items to your child when needed. You do not need to order those through CampMeds.

Importance of the Online Health History

In order for us to administer any Medications (over the counter or prescribed), Supplements or Vitamins, the parent/guardian is responsible for including all items in the ONLINE Health History, in the medication section. This includes: epinephrine autoinjectors, inhalers, allergy shots, and monthly/weekly injections.

The Online Health History MUST be updated ANY TIME changes are made to any medications, vitamins and supplements. The online health history can be accessed and updated at any time, once it is available for the season.

If you have any indication that your child may need medications, vitamins or supplements at camp that must be obtained via CampMeds, avoid late fees by registering and submitting all necessary information in advance of deadlines. Registration and completion of the process is the responsibility of the guardian, as is completing the Medication Section of the online health history. We are available to answer questions and provide support before the summer season starts. We have limited time once we arrive at camp for Staff Week and begin caring for campers.

Medications at Camp

No bottles of vitamins or supplements are to be sent with campers while awaiting vitamins and supplements that were ordered late. These items will not be administered until they arrive from the CampMeds packaging pharmacy.

Oral medication sent on the bus or handed to us at drop-off will not be accepted or administered until they arrive from CampMeds and are added to the Medication Section of the Online Health History unless you have received written approval.

At the end of the session, all remaining doses/items will be sent home, unless otherwise directed.

Failure to utilize CampMeds without written approval from a Camp Director will result in a fee of $200/session, unless the pharmacy is not contracted with the camper’s insurance and the out of pocket cost of the medication precludes the use of the pre-packaging pharmacy for that item.

Inhalers, topicals, eye drops, nasal sprays, and patches can all be obtained from CampMeds. This is encouraged to avoid administration delays so your child’s medications will be checked in, set up and waiting when your camper arrives.

Ramah Poconos does not permit campers or bunk staff to keep oral medications, vitamins or supplements in the bunks. This is strictly enforced, and any oral medications, vitamins or supplements found in bunks will be removed and given to the health center. Medication in the bunk causes the potential for serious safety hazards and may result in consequences outlined in the handbook.

Get started with CampMeds

How does CampMeds Work?

CampMeds works with Aurora Long Term Care Pharmacy to dispense your child’s medications that are in pill form in convenient multi-dose strip pouches, labeled with your child’s name, medication, and instructions. This helps ensure medication safety.

Our policy for administering medication, vitamins and supplements requires camp families to have all of your child’s ORAL medications, vitamins and supplements obtained through the CampMeds pharmacy.

Important information to know:

  • Most commercial prescription insurance plans are accepted, with the exception of Kaiser Permanente and Medicaid.
  • If your insurance was not accepted last year this DOES NOT mean it will not be accepted for 2024!

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Deadlines & Fees for CampMeds

30 days before the your camper's session begins, CampMeds must have:

  • A completed registration
  • All prescriptions for 30 days plus a refill or additional script
  • All orders for over the counter items with directions
  • Copy of insurance card for prescription items


Full/First Session Deadline Date: Friday, May 24, 2024

Second Session Deadline Date: Thursday, June 23, 2024

Registration Fees:

  • $65 per child, for a 30-day supply
  • $75 per child, for a 60-day supply

The following Late Fee will apply if any of the above requirements arrive late: $100

Making Changes to your Camper's CampMeds Order

Call CampMeds regarding any changes that need to be made. They will work with families to make changes with reasonable change/re-packaging fees. Please include when emailing CampMeds to follow up on phone calls to request changes and the Health Center Staff will include a parent in any emails to CampMeds regarding any changes to your child’s medications.

Plan ahead (schedule doctor appointments now)! Get registered, get orders in for over the counter items, get prescriptions in asap. Last minute medication changes can be difficult to accommodate and while late fees will be charged to change meds and add items, they are less than the $100 fee for doing everything late.

Updating your child's online health history to reflect any medication, vitamin or supplement change is your responsibility.

Please visit each link below before registering:

CampMeds Parent Letter
How to Register
Visit CampMeds Website

Required to be ordered & filled through CampMeds

  • Prescription medication taken by mouth: chewable, swallowed capsules, softgels, tablets, liquids, orally disintegrating tablets (ODT), powders
  • Nonprescription medications, supplements & vitamins, including melatonin & over the counter (OTC) allergy medication that will be taken by mouth, including liquids, ODT and powders.
  • For specialty vitamins or supplements, please contact Campmeds to confirm they can provide these.
  • As needed medications and supplements, such as allergy pills, migraine relief and melatonin, taken by mouth.

Cannot be ordered from CampMeds Send with your camper:

  • Isotretinoin (Accutane)
  • Birth Control Pill Packs
  • Growth Hormone
  • Biologics (ex Humira)
  • Lactaid
  • Insulin

May be ordered through CampMeds, ENCOURAGED, but NOT REQUIRED by Ramah Poconos:

  • Nasal Sprays
  • Inhalers
  • Topical creams or ointments
  • Eye Drops
  • Injectable epinephrine (Auvi-Q, Epi-pens)
  • Transdermal Patches

Camp Ramah in the Poconos DOES NOT administer GUMMY vitamins or supplements, including melatonin.

  • There are many chewable or swallowable vitamins and supplements on the market.
  • We strongly recommend that you begin trying out non-gummy options for yourcamper(s) who MUST have vitamins and supplements at camp now.
  • CampMeds will not package gummies and will not ship bottles of gummies to camp with your order. They will replace any ordered gummies with a chewable tablet.
  • Additionally, please do not send gummies from home to camp in hopes that we will administer them, as we will not provide them to your camper.
  • Ramah Poconos does not permit any medication, supplements, or vitamins to be kept in the bunks. Found items will be removed from bunks and will be held for return when the camper goes home.

Gummies are yummy, but save them for at-home use.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Medications at camp

What cannot be ordered via CampMeds and therefore should be sent to camp with your child on opening day?

Anything that is injected such as allergy shots, growth hormone, biologics (e.g. Humira), CGRP antagonists (e.g. Emgality), Insulin, Isotretinoin (Accutane), oral contraceptives (BCP)

What if my child gets a headache or has an upset stomach or a cold and needs medication while at camp?

Routine over-the-counter medications such as ibuprofen, acetaminophen, cold medications, cough meds, decongestants etc. will be administered for acute issues as needed at the licensed medical staff's discretion. YOU DO NOT NEED TO SEND THESE MEDICATIONS.

If your child requires a specific brand or they use these items more than twice a week, please register for CampMeds and indicate the items are AS NEEDED.

Our local pharmacy, Stephens, will fill prescriptions ordered by our Camp Doctors and NPs as needed during camp, such as antibiotics, treatment for conjunctivitis or an ear infection.

What about epinephrine auto-injectors (Epi-pens, Auvi-Q)?

Epi-pens and Auvi-Q may be ordered through CampMeds , if more convenient for you or if your camper’s epinephrine will expire during their time at camp. However, if your camper is riding the bus and has a life-threatening allergy, we require that they have epinephrine auto-injectors with them on the trip up. We require two unexpired epinephrine auto-injectors for anyone who is prescribed epinephrine for a life-threatening allergy.

What if my insurance company is not contracted with the CampMeds Pharmacy?

The CampMeds Pharmacy, Aurora Long Term Care Pharmacy, contracts with 95% of the most common insurance plans. Two known exceptions are Medicaid and Kaiser Permanente. If your insurance is not contracted with the CampMeds Pharmacy (Aurora), CampMeds will notify you and camp, and we will discuss what options are available depending on the out-of-pocket cost of the prescribed medication.

When is it "too late" to use CampMeds?

It is NEVER too late to register for CampMeds.

They charge a $100 late fee, but they will fill your order.

Participation is required if your child will take oral medications, vitamins or supplements at camp. The exceptions are: insurance issue and out of pocket cost is prohibitive, your camper lives outside of the US or your camper is enrolled in the one week Taste of Ramah program.

For Campers who will take Growth Hormone at camp:

  • We do not send Growth Hormone out on overnight trips without a plan for safe storage and only when the camper is independent in set- up and self-administration.
  • All Growth Hormone (GH) & supplies are to be sent to camp in one cooler or bag/tote with cooler and supplies inside. Everything must be clearly labeled (boxes of needles, coolers, etc).
  • Alcohol swabs must be sent to camp and we require campers to use an alcohol swab at injection site.
  • Label the outside of tote with “REFRIGERATED MEDICATION Inside,” along with Camper full name and bunk.
  • Do not send multiple coolers or multiple bags. We do not have storage room for extras.
  • There is no need to send a sharps container - we supply those.

Timing for Medication Administration at Camp

When you order over the counter items or the doctor sends prescriptions, TIMING matters so that pills are packaged correctly. Please talk to your child’s provider about this. For example:

If written “daily,” the item will be packaged for the morning.

At Bedtime (also written as HS) are ONLY for items that will be given as a camper is getting into bed, such as Melatonin or DDAVP.

Allergy medications and other items will be given after dinner, at the health center, and must be ordered and packaged for AFTER DINNER or PM. Younger campers (Notzitzim and Tze'erim) begin getting ready for bed 45–60 minutes after dinner and therefore can take most of their PM and bedtime meds after dinner.

To avoid re-packaging fees, please be sure that the orders/instructions clearly match when the item will be administered at camp. This includes meds that need to be given BEFORE BREAKFAST, after breakfast/AM, at lunch and 3-4pm. We cannot open packets and remove pills, but we can pull an additional packet with pill(s), if you need to add a new item. If you need guidance, please contact us at

Medication Administration Times at Ramah Poconos
What you (or the prescriber) should include on the order
Medication examples

Before Breakfast

Before breakfast daily(ac breakfast)

Breakfast is 30 minutes after kima (wake up), so we only give meds that must medically be given prior to the meal (some GI and thyroid meds) or immediately upon awakening (some ADD meds) Campers get AM meds immediately after breakfast.


Every morning (qAM)

Allergy, vitamins, supplements ADD, anti-anxiety antidepressants


At lunch (q lunch, Noon)

ADD boosters, daily meds that your camper prefers to come for after lunch


Daily at 3-4pm

ADD boosters


Daily at Dinner (qPM)

Allergy, vitamins, asthma, antianxiety, antidepressants. Notzitzim and Tzeerim campers: Melatonin

As they get into bed

At bedtime (qHS)

DDAVP, Melatonin