Health Center (Marp)

Medications, Vitamins and Supplements at Camp

All campers (except Taste & international) are required to have any medication, supplements or vitamins (prescription & over the counter) in PILL FORM be pre-packaged by PackMyRx.

You can read our Camper Medication Policy HERE.

How does PackMyRx Work?

How does PackMyRx work?

PackMyRx works with Direct Meds of Florida Pharmacy to dispense your child’s medications in convenient multi-dose strip pouches, labeled with your child’s name, medication, and instructions. This helps our nurses be better organized and helps avoid potential errors.

Our policy for dispensing and administering medication requires camp families to have all of your child’s medications, vitamins and supplements that are in PILL FORM dispensed, prepackaged and sent to camp though PackMyRx prior to the camper’s arrival.

Important information to know:

  • Registration opens on February 1st; it is important to register as early as possible at, to guarantee the timely arrival of medications to camp and to avoid any late fees.
  • Prescriptions MUST sent to Direct Meds of Florida at least one month before camp starts but can be sent as early as February.
  • Direct Meds of Florida will fill a 30-day supply for all prescriptions and send to camp prior to your child’s arrival, but will usually not submit to your insurance until your child is at camp. Please ask your insurance to allow a vacation override for the summer camp months. If your child is at camp for more than 30 days, a 30-day refill will be sent to camp. Any medication packed for camp that is not used at camp is sent home with your child.
  • You may refill any necessary medication before camp starts, but do not fill prescriptions at home while your child is at camp. Leave any unused medication at home for use after camp.
  • Most commercial prescription insurance plans are accepted. Medicaid is not accepted.
  • Parents are responsible for all out-of-pocket expenses (This includes Over-the-Counter Medications). Contact Sue Schwartzman at marp@ramahpoconos,org if your child is on Medicaid or if Direct Meds of Florida tells you they cannot work with your insurance. With the exception of Medicaid, this changes year to year; just because your insurance was not accepted last year DOES NOT mean it will not be accepted for 2023.
  • 100% participation is required. Like many other Ramah camps, Poconos requires all families to use PackMyRx for all medications, supplements, and vitamins in pill form. Failure to use PackMyRx (unless PackMyRx certifies that they are unable to accept your insurance), will result in a charge of $200 per session from Camp Ramah.
  • Gummies and dissolvable (ODT) items cannot be packed in pouches so please substitute with tablets or chewable alternatives. Gummies in their original containers will not be sent by PackMyRx, accepted or administered at camp, as per our NO Gummy Policy.

Deadlines & Fees for PackMyRx

30 days before camp starts, Direct Meds of Florida must have:

  • A completed registration
  • All prescriptions for 30 days plus a refill or additional script
  • Copy of insurance card if necessary


Full/First Session Deadline Date: Sunday, May 28,2023

Second Session Deadline Date: Sunday, June 25.2023

Registration Fees:

  • $60 per child, for a 30-day supply
  • $70 per child, for a 60-day supply

The following Late Fees will apply if any of the above requirements arrives late:

  • $30 Fee: if less than 30 days before camp starts
  • $85 Fee: if less than 14 days before camp starts
  • This covers 2-day UPS shipping.
  • This fee will also be charged if there are any medication changes that require a special rush shipment.
Register Here
Letter for Prescribing Physicians

Click Here to access the letter to give to your child's prescribing health professional.

Required to be ordered & filled through PackMyRx

  • Prescription medication in pill form: chewable, swallowed capsules, softgels, tablets
  • Nonprescription medications, supplements & vitamins, including melatonin & over the counter (OTC) allergy medication
  • For specialty vitamins or supplements, please email PackMyRx to confirm they can provide these.
  • As needed allergy pills and melatonin or anything that could be needed daily, see directions for ordering as needed pills, below.

Cannot be packaged by PackMyRx Send with your camper:

  • Isotretinoin (Accutane)
  • Birth Control Pill Packs
  • Orally Disintegrating Tablets
  • Growth Hormone
  • Biologics (ex Humira)
  • Lactaid
  • Insulin

May be ordered through PackMyRx, if you wish, but NOT REQUIRED by Ramah Poconos:

  • Anything in LIQUID form
  • Powdered items
  • Topical creams or ointments
  • Nasal Sprays
  • Eye Drops
  • Ear Drops
  • Injectable epinephrine (Auvi-Q, Epi-pens)

Camp Ramah in the Poconos does not administer vitamins or supplements, including melatonin, in gummy form.

NO Gummy Policy
  • There are many chewable or swallowable vitamins and supplements on the market.
  • We strongly recommend that you begin trying out non-gummy options for yourcamper(s) who MUST have vitamins and supplements at camp now.
  • Pack My Rx. will not package gummies and will not ship bottles of gummies camp with your order.
  • Orders for these items will not be filled.
  • Additionally, please do not send gummies from home to camp in hopes that we will administer them, as we will not provide them to your camper.
  • Ramah Poconos does not permit any medication, supplements, or vitamins to be kept in the bunks. Found items will be removed from bunks and will be held for return when the camper goes home.

Gummies are yummy, but save them for at-home use.

Changes to PackMyRx

PackMyRx will NOT make changes over the phone. Not for parents and not for camp nurses. Changes must be submitted by email. Please include when emailing PackMyRx to request changes and the Health Center Staff will include a parent in any emails to PackMyRx regarding any changes to your child’s medications.

Plan ahead (schedule doctor appointments now)! Last minute medication changes might be difficult to accommodate and late fees will be charged if there are any medication changes within the 30/15 days, or if your child requires a new medication while at camp.