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In an effort to create an intentional, safe, and welcoming environment for our entire community, clothing with references to alcohol, drugs, tobacco, sexual content, and inappropriate language is not permitted.

Additionally, the only flags that can be displayed outside of bunks include American, Israeli, or Ramah flags.


In order to promote healthy socialization amongst campers, teach communication skills, and enable children to make meaningful, face-to-face, bonds with people, Camp Ramah in the Poconos is a screen free environment for our campers. This policy enables our staff to build a stronger tzrif and edah community and to consciously “unplug to connect”. Cellular phones, with or without a SIM card, are not permitted for campers. They will be collected on the first day of camp and held in the office safe until the end of the session. Please consider leaving phones at home – they will not be provided to children during out of camp trips. We ask for your support to not "sneak" tech items into camp. When this happens, a camp rule is broken and disruptions occur, preventing creation of the environment we strive to create at camp.

Thank you for your support and for reviewing our policy with your children. Please talk to your children about this policy, the benefits of “unplugging” during their time at camp, and what camp-friendly and approved activities they can bring with them to help support them during their time away.

Parents/Guardians of Tikvah participants should reach out directly to our Tikvah Director with questions regarding technology at camp.


We recognize that some children want the ability to listen to music on a personal device. Campers are permitted to bring an iPod Shuffle or other screen-less mp3 players to enjoy their personal music at Camp. DO NOT SEND ANY DEVICE WITH W-FI OR CELLULAR CAPABILITIES TO CAMP. These devices will be removed and kept in the office. Please make sure that music is already uploaded onto your camper's mp3 device. We are unable to download or transfer media at Camp.

Please review the music recordings that your child wishes to bring to Camp to be certain that they are appropriate for the Ramah Poconos setting. Do NOT send your child to Camp with music that advocates drug use or violence, which degrades other human beings, that is sexually explicit, or that includes swearing, cursing or other inappropriate lyrics. Your assistance in this matter will help create a comfortable and positive environment for all of our campers and for our entire community and communicate the value of Kedushat Halashon (the sanctity of language) that Camp strives to uphold.


It is likely that campers may come home from camp a little taller, tanner, and with longer hair. When in camp, or out on trips, no camper may change their appearance. This includes, but is not limited to, body piercings of any kind, tattoos, haircuts, and the use of hair coloring.


Camp Ramah in the Poconos strives to cultivate a healthy and safe environment across all areas of camp. We offer a variety of food options during meals in addition to scheduled snacks during the day. A fruit cart is always available in the chadar ochel. Please do not pack food for your child to keep in the bunk. This leads to an unsanitary and unsafe environment, particularly for campers with food allergies. In addition, our beautiful location comes with a variety of wild life and food attracts these animals to our bunks. If you have a concern about your child's dietary plan during their time at camp, please fill out their health and intake forms accordingly and reach out to who can help connect you to our nutritionist.


There is important updated information that we strongly encourage you to review prior to camp and as you fill out the required forms. Please refer our Summer Safety policies - Coming in May - for more information.


Staff members at Camp Ramah are engaged in an important educational enterprise and they are dedicated to their task of taking care of other peoples' children. As professional educators who are expected to do their utmost at all times for each individual, it is our policy that they may not accept gratuities.

Families wishing to honor staff members are invited to donate to the Staff Appreciation Fund. This fund is used to support staff programming and initiatives for staff throughout the summer.

Donations may be made online using a credit card or by writing a check made payable to "Camp Ramah in the Poconos". Check should be marked "Staff Appreciation Fund" and mailed to:

Camp Ramah in the Poconos
7 Bala Ave Suite 103
Bala Cynwyd PA 19004

A letter will be sent to each designated staff member acknowledging your donation. Thank you for your generosity.

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