Specialty Tracks

Ramah Basketball Academy

For our current 6th-9th  graders we offer our Ramah Basketball Academy second session, led by Michael Sweetney.  RBA participants will experience an advanced, team-building and skill building basketball intensive, where they will work-out, practice skills, scrimmage and compete for up to five hours a day. Year after year our RBA participants come home in phenomenal shape, having built the skills which allow them to excel at school athletics during the year.

Campers that choose the RBA track this summer will have a chance to participate in the traditional Ramah program for the first session of the summer, complete with the full complement of athletics, visual and performing arts, environmental education, Judaics, Israel education, as well as our full aquatic program.  For the second session, RBA campers will continue to live among Ramah campers in the same bunks, yet their program will be devoted to a very intense program of basketball instruction. Fee is $500.

Michael Sweetney Photo

Michael Sweetney is a professional basketball player who has played for both the Chicago bulls and the New York Knicks.  Since then he was travelled the world playing professional basketball; from Venezuela to China and Puerto Rico.  Growing up in Maryland, Sweetney went on to become a star player at Georgetown University, then got the 9th pick in the NBA draft.  He now works with non-profits, doing speaking engagements and working with children who struggle with mental health issues.  He comes to Ramah eager to work with our campers and teach them all of the skills he has learned in his almost 20 years as a basketball player.

Ramah Frisbee Academy

Play and learn ultimate frisbee with the pro’s this summer! Players from the Philadelphia Phoenix, Philadelphia’s professional ultimate team, will be offering a multi-day instructional clinic from July 1st through July 6th to Ramah campers of all ages who want to learn how to throw, catch, cut and dive like the pros! Participants will enjoy skills sessions, drills, games and 1-on-1 instruction from professional for two hours a day with athletes who bring competitive experience from the international stage. Whether you’re completely new to the sport or have a few years of experience, everyone will enjoy this session with the Philadelphia Phoenix! Fee is $75.

The Philadelphia Phoenix  is a professional ultimate team that play in the American Ultimate Disc League Phoenix Action Shot(AUDL), a national league that spans across 24 cities in the US and Canada. AUDL games and the sport of ultimate features fast paced action, similar to 7v7, non-tackle football and played on a football sized field. Founded in 2013, The Phoenix compete in the East Division and their roster includes some of the top ultimate players in the country. For more information on team stats, standings, players and team schedule you can visit theaudl.com/phoenix.

Ramah Drama Academy

Whether you are new to the stage or have been basking in the spotlight for years, Ramah Drama Academy is the place for you!  Join us for a two-week drama intensive specialty track where you will have the chance to create and perform a brand new play inspired by your own ideas and imagination. Come play games, learn acting techniques and build performance skills all while you create an original play based on the ideas, themes and stories that are important to YOU!

Campers will learn improvisation, team-building, vocal techniques and acting methods that will be used together to inspire a performance BY and FOR them.   The session will culminate with final performance of the piece you have created over the course of the program.  The Ramah Drama academy will take place from June 28th to July 14th for 2 hours per day.    Fee is $100.

Ariel Warmflash is a theatre artist, activist and educator based in Brooklyn. Ariel HeadshotAri works with young artists all over New York City to create original theatre that reflects their interests and experiences. She is a Teaching Artist with the Creative Arts Team, Opening Act and Lab/Shul. Ari also spent four years in Community Engagement at Arena Stage in Washington, DC and is a founding member of the Closer Look Arts Collective. She holds a master’s degree in Applied Theatre from The City University of New York School of Professional Studies. She grew up attending Camp Ramah in the Poconos as a camper (and is a proud member of Gesher ’06), before working as a bunk counselor and later at Ramah Day Camp in Philadelphia.

Ramah Music Academy

Calling all singers, songwriters, rockstars, shower-singers, and music fans! Why does music make you feel good? Have you ever wondered how there is always a song that captures exactly what you’re feeling? Why do some songs just get stuck in your head? Explore these questions and more in the Ramah Music Academy!

The Ramah Music Academy is a weeklong music and songwriting specialty track coached by Josh Warshawsky where you will sing your heart out, learn songwriting techniques, music skills, and what it takes to write an awesome and catchy song! Campers will get the chance to collaborate on the new Chadar Ochel hit of the summer, work on their own songwriting chops, and write, perform, and record their very own songs at camp! At the end of the week, participants in RMA will get to perform some of their new songs in front of the whole camp, and will get to take home rough recording mixes of your brand new track!

The Ramah music academy will take place from July 8th to July 14th.  The program will run for 2 hours a day for each group.  For the inaugural year there will be no additional fee to participate in the program.

Josh Warshawsky has shared his original melodies with Jewish communities Josh Warshavksy Photothroughout the US and Canada.  In 2013 he completed a 5-song EP of original Jewish melodies. This was followed in November, 2015 by his first full-length album, “Mah Rabu.” Originally from Chicago, Josh is currently in Rabbinical school at the Ziegler school of Rabbinic Studies in Los Angeles, hoping to be ordained in May 2019. Before starting school, he worked for three years as the artist-in-residence and music specialist at Temple Beth Am and Pressman Academy in Los Angeles, CA, where he brought new musical energy to children and adults of all ages. He is a graduate of Columbia University and the Jewish Theological Seminary with BAs in Religion, Talmud and Rabbinics.  Josh spends his summers in residency teaching and sharing music and Tefillah at Ramah camps across the country.