Shabbat Plus



Have you wished you could relive the magical Ramah Shabbat experience – or experience for yourself what your children, grandchildren, or community members have been talking about for years? Well, now you can!

Shabbat Plus is the best of Ramah carefully designed for adult participants! Rabbi Ron and Leora Isaacs will be leading a unique program that will include many elements of the Ramah experience – engaging experiential study, singing, art, dance, sports, guided prayer, experiential nature activities and much more.  Of course, the highlight will be the incomparable “Ramah Shabbat” — the inspiring Tefilot (Shabbat services), the festive meals, the engaging learning, the revitalizing relaxation and the warm community.

Accommodations are in the comfortable newly refurbished Ramah guest facilities, and we will have access to all of Ramah’s facilities.  If you have participated in Shabbat Plus in the past, you will want to return.  If you are looking for a new adult learning and spiritual opportunity, you will love becoming part of this special experience. Come solo, come with your partner or spouse, come with your havurah — all are welcome! For more information, please email Benjy Goldberg, Director of Retreats.

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