Camper Medication Policy

Medications at Camp

  1. Parents, Campers and Staff are expected to comply with all medication policies approved by the Ramah Poconos Medical Director and Medical Committee.
  2. No pills (prescription medications, over the counter medications, supplements or vitamins) may be kept in any camper bunk with the exception of up to 5 doses of Lactaid or a single dose of migraine rescue medication. Any items packed in camper luggage will be brought to the MARP for safe keeping and administration as appropriate.
  3. Rescue inhalers, diabetic testing & care supplies, and injectable epinephrine for life threatening allergies are permitted once the camper and the bunk staff have been properly instructed/trained on their use/ demonstrate ability to use items safely.
  4. Maintenance inhalers, eye drops, topical creams & nasal sprays are permitted to be kept in the bunk for campers in the following edot: Bogrim, Machon, Shoafim and Gesher. The MARP staff are not responsible for items kept in bunks. Campers are responsible for packing these items for out of camp trips, if kept in their bunks.
  5. All campers (except Taste & international) are required to have any medication, supplements or vitamins (prescription & over the counter) in PILL FORM be pre-packaged by PackMyRx.
  6. Medications, supplements or vitamins in GUMMY form CANNOT be administered at camp. They should not be sent to camp with campers and PackMyRx will not pre-package them. Speak to your child’s physician about alternatives if this is a concern.
  7. The Health Center stocks many common over the counter medications including Tylenol, Advil, Tums, Benadyl, and Dramamine among others. It is not necessary to send these medications to camp unless a camper needs a specific flavor or type. They do not need to be pre-packaged by PackMyRx unless the item will be used routinely throughout camp.
  8. Medications not packaged by PackMyRx must be unexpired and arrive at camp in its original packaging or a prescription bottle with a current label and the camper’s name clearly visible. The administration instructions must match the instructions on the online health history, and any discrepancies must be reconciled before the medication is administered.
  9. While OTC treatments not in pill form may be sent to camp by the parent with directions for its use, any prescription medications or treatments must have a current prescription label or a current, valid doctor’s order must accompany the medication. Examples include Miralax, benefiber powder, nasal sprays or eye drops.
  10. Medications are administered at camp after meals. Medication administration before breakfast, at 3-4pm, at bedtime or another time of day requires established medical need and/or there must be a current doctor’s order on file or on the prescription bottle indicating specific need for timing.
  11. With the exception of apple juice or pretzels, any other beverage or food required for a camper to take their medication must be authorized by the Director of the Health Center or Head Nurse and provided by the parent. Health Center Leadership reserves the right to determine what may or may not be sent to camp to be used for medication administration.

Updated 01/2023