PJ Our Way



PJ Our Way, a program of the Harold Grinspoon Foundation, is the newest chapter of PJ Library for kids ages 9-11. PJ Our Way aims to build Jewish libraries for children and expose them to Jewish themes and content. Each month, participants are invited to choose a book from a selection of four books and share their ideas with their peers at https://goo.gl/R8JdZ7.

How does PJ Our Way work at camp?

Combining the PJ Our Way program with the social and Jewish communities of camp provides the perfect environment for helping children connect with Jewish books. All campers ages 9-11 and their bunkmates will receive a PJ Our Way book as a gift. We have lots of fun activities planned to connect our campers with the books we chose. All campers ages 8.5-11 who are not already enrolled in PJ Our Way are invited to join the year-round program at any time.

We are very excited to participate in the program and look forward to sharing more information (and pictures) with you!

“We believe these stories and their values help shape young people in their understanding of being Jewish, and it’s our hope that PJ Our Way will ultimately build a strong community of young Jewish people,” said Harold Grinspoon, Founder of PJ Library and PJ Our Way.


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