Staff Appreciation Fund














Our Tzevet (staff) make camp possible.

They give of their time, their talent and their nurturing spirit to care for all of our campers each and every summer.

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Q: Staff appreciation fund – is that tips?

A: No. At Camp Ramah in the Poconos we do not tip our counselors individually. Instead, we use this fund to honor them, support them, and continue their training all summer (and all year!) long.

Q: I give to the Chai Campaign. Why should I also give to the Staff Appreciation Fund?

A: Thank you so much for donating to the Chai Campaign! Chai Campaign donations are restricted to scholarship, programming, and capital improvements. Whereas the Staff Appreciation Fund is dedicated to enhancing the staff experience.

Q: Nu? What kind of things does the Staff Appreciation Fund Support?

A: Busses to far-away places for staff day offs; Ben & Jerry’s Ice Cream night; special concerts or performances, Staff party nights on Rabbi Joel & Eliana’s mirpeset (porch), and new this year – check out our gourmet coffee bar serving MOKA Origins coffee, based in Honesdale, PA.

Q: If I give money to this fund in Kayitz 2019, will it be used in 2019 or 2020?

A: The answer is – BOTH! Funds received before the end of the summer go to offset real investments in the staff experience THIS summer. Funds given in honor of Tzevet (Staff) throughout the year go to support our ongoing commitment to the staff experience.