COVID Updates

In our commitment to transparent communication, here is where you can find updates and information addressing the evolving plan for this upcoming summer, as well as FAQ’s that you may have with regard to enrolling your child(ren) for summer 2021.


Recent COVID-19 Updates

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Please be in touch with us if you have further questions or concerns. We are always here to talk with you.

Additional Enrollment FAQs


We recognize that our world is still significantly different than it was just six months ago, and we want to be open and honest with you about how we’re proceeding on the path towards a safe and successful summer in 2021.

We are launching early enrollment based on the plan of being able to operate safely and at near-full capacity at our overnight and day camps. We also know that within this scenario we may need to adjust our protocols and programming to ensure for the safest summer possible in 2021, and we will communicate any adjustments as we move along through the year.

First of all, thank you - we were so moved by all of our families who chose to roll-over and donate! We want to remind everyone that every dollar that was rolled-over or donated was a dollar spent towards the year-round operations, which, of course, resulted in a cancelled summer, but still allowed us to bring meaningful programming and connections to our community this kayitz. These early enrollment deposits are the first financial commitments made towards next summer, and they will help us maintain our ability to prepare, plan, and make purchases towards summer 2021, so please consider this your first step in bringing your child closer to Camp Ramah next summer. After completing our online application and submitting your deposit, you will receive an updated family bill including any roll-overs applied to next summer after Oct. 1st. 

If, in the event that we cannot safely operate in summer 2021, we would be likely to offer similar options that we offered our families this year. Withdrawals made before cancellation would be subject to our regular refund policy that can be found in the terms & conditions section of our online application.

We are encouraging all families to commit to making consistent, monthly installments towards their 2021 Family Bill. We will also accelerate our scholarship process so that more families can make payments towards 2021 in the fall and winter months. This is important for the fiscal health of our camp operations - if we do not receive enough tuition each month, it will curtail our ability to effectively plan for summer 2021.

We are currently planning on running a single, twelve day session at the start of our summer season (details online), open to campers who will be in 2nd and 3rd grade in the fall. If your child was enrolled in Taste of Ramah for summer 2020 you can choose to enroll in this session, or you can choose a half or full session option. If you have any questions, please contact Rachael Abrams, our director of camper care and staff development.

We are already actively working with our colleagues at National Ramah and across the camping industry to operate simultaneous contingency planning with regards to how we will be able to operate our camps safely, securely, and according to our values next summer. Yes, things may change. Federal or local guidelines may evolve and require changes to our projected return to normalcy. We promise to continue our pattern of regular, open communication to our camper families regarding how the COVID-19 pandemic may continue to impact Ramah Poconos, and our plans for summer 2021.

We Are All In This Together

We appreciate your trust and your patience. Six months ago we couldn’t have imagined the possibility of a ‘canceled summer’ let alone the notion that this pandemic would still be casting a shadow of uncertainty on the coming off-season as well. We also could not have imagined the countless new and exciting ways we have discovered to deliver our mission through the meaningful year-round engagement of our campers, staff, and families via our digital platforms. 


So what CAN we imagine? We can certainly imagine the feeling of Opening Day in Summer 2021 at our Day Camp and Overnight Camp. We can imagine giving your child a joyfully Jewish experience next summer, and we all know that what our kids need and deserve most of all right now is camp!



Thank you for always being our partners in raising this next generation of Jewish leadership at Camp Ramah. May we celebrate together in Summer 2021!

  • Rabbi Joel Seltzer

    Executive Director

  • Rachel Dobbs-Schwartz

    Overnight Camp Director