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Meah Millim: February News

Posted by on 01/31/2019

There are moments in camp (and in life) where the thousands of little choices, decisions, convictions, and circumstances combine to create flashes of perfection. One such instant in time was a Friday afternoon this past summer, when, as is our weekly tradition, we award deserving chanichim (campers) and tzevet members (staff) one of the most-coveted pieces of swag in the history of our beloved machaneh (camp) – a Me’ah Millim T-Shirt. I have often joked, that my entire educational philosophy […]

Tefillah Jam Session: January 2019

Posted by on 01/04/2019

January, 2019 A Note from Rabbi Joel Seltzer, Executive Director I was hopelessly out of place. The prayer leader stood in the center of the black-box room and requested that we stand. He asked us to practice involving our bodies in the act of prayer, by first squatting, arms aimed low, and then by quickly raising our arms and our bodies to the sky as we proclaimed for all to hear: “Praise Yah!” I imagine in that moment, shacharit (the […]