Jewish Life

Jewish Identity

Nourishing the Jewish identity of our campers is a hallmark of the Ramah experience. You child will grow up in a nurturing and immersive Jewish environment, with Hebrew in the air, Jewish role-models at every turn, and surrounded by awe-inspiring nature. Study after study shows that a Ramah experience greatly strengthens your child’s Jewish identity, creating a life-long connection between your child and their Jewish tradition.

Click Here to see the results of one such study.


Ramah seeks to sow the seeds of spirituality in all of our campers and staff. The Ramah approach consists of daily t’fillah (Prayer) experiences, where our campers not only learn the prayers of our Jewish tradition, but they do so in an environment which fosters creativity, ruach (spirit), and fun. In addition to t’fillah, the Ramah experience highlights moments of spirituality which surround us: at the sight of a glowing sunset, or at the appearance of a rainbow over our lake, Ramah takes the time to notice – and to be inspired!

Shabbat at Ramah

Year in and year out our campers explain that Shabbat is their favorite time of the week. Whether it’s getting dressed up to greet the Sabbath Queen, walking down to the lake, or praying together as a camp in our outdoor Beit K’nesset, our amphitheater, our campers and staff cherish each and every moment of Shabbat.

Our Friday night festive meals include a rousing (and loud!) series of Shabbat Songs, the highlight of everyone’s Shabbat experience. And on Saturday, whether you are playing basketball, baseball, or hockey; swimming in the pool, or sitting out on a blanket – Shabbat means peace, relaxation, and fun for every Ramahnik.