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Read Rabbi Joel’s Latest in Haaretz

Posted by on 03/27/2014

Click Here to Read Rabbi Joel’s latest in Haaretz: Or read the text below: Yes, I do Want to become a Rabbi Rabbi Joel Seltzer/Jewish World Blogger for Twelve years ago, a young man, wearing a brand new suit, about to graduate from college, walked 12 blocks in the New York City winter to a rabbinical school interview. On this day, he began the journey toward becoming a rabbi. I remember that morning well. I wore my lucky tie. […]

Tamir Goodman Mentions Camp Ramah in New Article

Posted by on 03/20/2014

Camp Ramah Video goes Viral

Posted by on 07/17/2013

This video, shot by staff member Howie Tilman, and featuring staff member Noa Kadosh shooting the free-throw of a lifetime has officially gone viral! Noa Kadosh’s Fantastical Free Throw With over 700,000 views on YouTube, this video has now been featured on CNN, Headline News, ESPN, and Good Morning America. It has also been featured in the magazine The Times of Israel: Click Here to Read the Article   We are so proud of all our Tzevet (staff) who do […]

Rabbi Joel’s latest article in Haaretz

Posted by on 07/08/2013

Check out our director, Rabbi Joel Seltzer, and his latest article in   Tomorrow is July 4. For most Americans that means a day off of work, a backyard barbeque, a baseball game on the television, friends, family, and, of course, fireworks. For most Americans, this is the quintessential expression of Independence Day, but not for me. In my 32 years of existence I can only recall one or two Independence Days reminiscent of this Norman Rockwell-esque painting. […]

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Posted by on 03/14/2013

Rabbi Seltzer, the Director of Camp Ramah in the Poconos, writes regularly for’s Rabbi’s Round Table. Click here to read his latest about the Fifth Cup at your Passover Seder Or you can read the text of the article below: Coffee, Haggadot, and Jewish assimilation Modern and – yes, let’s face it – assimilated Jews find it hard to stick out a full Passover seder, but the answer is not to capitulate, rather to renew that which is ancient and […]