Tikvah Residential Program (Yedidim)

The Tikvah Residential Program (Yedidim) at Camp Ramah in the Poconos offers campers ages 12-17 the complete scope of Ramah’s activities. We strive to serve campers with a wide range of disabilities, including developmental and intellectual disabilities, autism spectrum disorders, and neurological impairments.

The highly structured day offers various opportunities to learn and grow through real camp experience. Campers will participate in classic camp activities, such as swimming and boating, athletics, performing and visual arts, and outdoor adventure, while returning to their brand new bunks.

Jewish Living

Campers in Yedidim  will be fully immersed in Jewish life and Hebrew language. From spirited morning prayers to daily interactions with Israeli staff, to Hebrew singing and dancing in the Chadar Ochel (dining hall), Yedidim  campers enjoy and celebrate Judaism and Jewish culture.

Health and Safety

Specially trained counselors, a Rosh Edah (Division Head), and a year-round Tikvah Director monitor each camper’s special needs. Counselors assist as needed with self-care, and medical staff are always available if issues arise.

For more information regarding our Tikvah Residential Program, please contact our Tikvah Director, Orlee Krass at Orleek@ramahpoconos.org